Are scumbar patrons removing No-Parking signs?

From the porch at the Dog Pound, BD has a clear view of Lower Greenville and some of the parking lots. And for years, the number of cars sitting on said parking lots has been a very accurate measurement of just how busy - or not - the scumbars are at any given moment.

And for the past few weeks, this yardstick has been saying the same thing - It's getting really quiet out here.

Even the noisy scumbars are not so noisy most weekends. BD has always wondered how any business can survive on maybe 6 hours of heavy traffic in a week.

So it comes as a surprise to hear that someone - probably a scumbar patron who found his car towed - has taken it upon themselves to remove various No Parking signs in the neighborhood, presumably in an effort to create their own version of close-in parking.

At $200 plus the ticket, that creates a very expensive parking space.

With local parking lots charging $7 or more for a space, it's getting expensive to party. Many scumbar patrons are drinking in their cars on the way down here (as evidenced by the number of beer bottles found on the streets and parking lots), thereby reducing the need to spend money on overpriced scumbar drinks.

It's not like the DPD isn't paying attention to the illegal parking. Tickets are still being written, and the cars are still being towed. Three cars were towed from one ROP street last weekend. It makes you question the lack of intelligence on the part of said sign removers.

Case in point - The 5700 block of Oram. Already a success story when it became the first street in Dallas to go ROP (Resident Only Parking) in 2000, along with 1900 Hope (around the corner).

The lack of parking on both streets has been a pain in the side of our bigger scumbars for years. Just a few yards from Lower Greenville and nowhere to park.

5700 Oram is a No Parking zone Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings. And 1900 Hope is ROP Tuesday through Sunday nights. Even with redevelopment and townhouses, the signs are still in force. The new property owners want No Parking as a way to create some sanity on the weekends for future homebuyers.

But nearly three weeks ago, someone removed two of the five signs from Oram Street. Neighbors tell BD this has created a mini-war zone, as the scumbar patrons fight for a few spots each weekend. only to come back and find their cars towed away.

DPD, as noted, is still enforcing the rules; and the neighbors who paid for the ROP are still calling DPD when some idiot parks a car. The City's sign maintenance folks have been notified and we expect new signs to be installed next week.

One neighbor told BD about a scumbar patron who decided that he could park his car anywhere he pleased. So he put it on a piece of land recently cleared by a developer. After a few nights of this idiocy, this neighbor politely informed him that if he did not move his car - and soon - he would make sure it was towed from the private property it was sitting on.

The scumbar patron blew him off and went off to party. But apparently someone told him this was not a joke - within a few minutes, he was back on the street, moving his car off the private property and muttering under his breath.

By Avi S. Adelman under Public safety , Lower Greenville