It ain't about the WE, it's about the HER

The LGNA newsletter - which is usually mistaken for litter on the front step - made its way to the Dog Pound and other houses in the area.

The National Night Out story closes with an invitation for participants to plan for the 2007 event - they reserved the park before BD could.

BD just loves the paragraph after the invite...

It's not abut ME, it's about WE. It's OUR neighborhood. Let's come together to make it safer and even more enjoyable.

This WE and ME stuff is coming right out of NSA Hunt's office.

When BD sent NSA a query about the much anticipated announcement of the results of her Lower Greenville task force at City Hall, and offering to help publicize the results, her reply was very similar...

Mr. Adelman, as I have expressed in previous emails, I am happy to work with the Belmont Neighborhood Association through another representative. Please have another member of your board contact me to address any issues of concern.

After BD wrote that her reply was not unexpected, she retorted...

Your reply underscores the fact that you are more interested in using the Belmont Neighborhood Association to obtain personal attention than to address issues of neighborhood concern.

It ain't about WE, it's all about HER. NSA is not going to accept neighborhood leaders in her district who don't follow her without question, especially with her re-election campaign sputtering financially.

NSA has a bad case of political two-face-itis. On one side, she says that her office and City Hall staff recognize BNA as an association, and even acknowledge that BD has accomplished much for the area; but the other side won't talk to a BNA that includes officers who don't put on happy faces for her no matter how loud the noise from the bars.

Sources at City Hall tell BD this is the first time they can remember a sitting councilperson being so publicly obnoxious to a neighborhood leader or organization of any kind, showing her political immaturity by writing in such an antagonistic manner. They love seeing her words come back to bite her online.

BD had lunch with NSA Hunt nearly three years ago at Coconuts on Lower Greenville (when they still served lunch, let alone food). The reason - She wanted a class in Lower Greenville 101. She had absolutely no idea what was going on down here then, and things are not much better today.

An email was sent to LGNA weeks ago asking for BNA to be allowed to set up a table at the next NNO - so far no reply.

Another request was sent this weekend, only this time we offered to bring the boxing gloves for a fair rematch between Puppette #1 and LGNA's Willison.

By Avi S. Adelman under Dallas City Council , Lower Greenville