LGNA fudges crimestats - to sell more houses????

After a long week at the secret warehouse and dealing with a couple of sick Puppettes at home, BD was finally able to enjoy some downtime on Saturday afternoon.

He was dreaming of eating soft pretzels while watching the Philadelphia Eagles win Super Bowl 40-something when the phone's incessant ringing woke him up. It was a neighbor, calling to tell him a story about a terrible crime was on the front page of the Sunday edition of the Dallas Morning News.

BD wandered over to the 7-Eleven and found the early bird edition of the newspaper. Yes, the LGNA mafia had struck again.

On page one of HomeCenter I (not to be confused with HomeCenter II or III), was the scary headline - M Streets mix the old and new. Close-in Lower Greenville attracts homebuyers with its casual-funky atmosphere.

The DMN story was finally pushed to their website late Monday afternoon - click here for M Streets mix the old and new

This advertorial, written by a freelance reporter, focuses on Lower Greenville, but that is the only connection to reality we can find. It was meant to promote home sales in the Belmont Addition CD and M-Streets.

If you went by their maps, you would think LGNA and BACD are the same thing. LGNA stretches from Mockingbird to Belmont, including BACD from Belmont north to Llano, and BNA takes the area south of Belmont.

BD does not fault Melissa and Phillip Kingston for any of the garbage written around their quotes - their comments focused on quality of life issues (and kudos to them for helping create the Belmont Addition CD).

But you have to remember that the Lower Greenville they walk to is not the same Lower Greenville we deal with every weekend. There's a big difference between walking to Blue Goose for lunch and walking to Suede for something skanky.

So let's look at the input of Darren Dattalo, LGNA board member and leader of the so-called LGNA Crimewatch (otherwise known as the LGNA Clean up the neighborhood so I can sell more houses Patrol).

Dattalo does not like BD getting DPD crimestats before he does. And he's not at all happy that BNA keeps nearly four years worth of crime stats on their website for anyone to read (gasp!) before they buy a home in the area.

And of course, we all know LGNA does not even recognize the existence of BNA.

What really got BD's neighbors mad is the rapidly overspinning crimestats included in the story. Just a few weeks ago, BD posted an annual summary of stats for the LGNA and BNA areas, based on DPD Reporting Areas (RA's) (see story - Lower Greenville is not a very safe place, 2.10.07).

An RA is a very tight statistical area that does not change from year to year, while a beat is based on traffic patterns and roads, common blocks, etc and is usually much larger. The whole of BNA fits inside DPD RA 1164, but gets very lost inside Beat 142 (which includes everything east to Abrams Road). BD has pulled the DPD Beat Maps off their website (actually two maps are joined together, since our area is patrolled by both Central (Division 100) and Northeast (Division 200).

The first big error is how many beats were used. The DMN says they counted crimes from three different beats, but the neighborhood map published with the article encompassed four different beats. So who do you believe?? Our chart shows the stats for all four beats.

Based on their map, we think they counted Beats 142, 141 (west side of Lower Greenville) and 212. Or did they mean Beats 142, 212, and 211? No matter what beat(s) were referenced, none of the true stats are as low as the ones published by the DMN.

When you remember that DPD Central's ICP folks work with Dattalo to hide the monthly stats from the public, you already know what is going on.

BD pulled the 2006 stats by beats from the DPD website, and came up with the numbers listed above the DMN stats from the story. Maybe BD's contacts are a little foggy, but they sure don't look the same to him.

After seeing the differences, you have to wonder - What are these people smoking???

We already know the answer: Dattalo and LGNA is doing everything they can to sell houses, and DPD Central's ICP has no trouble helping perpetuate the myth for him.

LGNA is the largest association - by land mass - in Dallas. Their Board has no trouble claiming to speak for thousands of people who just are fed up with their garbage. Their membership number is the biggest secret this side of a nuclear weapon, but BD's sources tell us they don't have 100 paid members on record.

LGNA should be broken up into four independent neighborhood associations, starting from Belmont NA, then into Belmont Addition CD, on to the M Streets and then up north. There was a whisper of a rumor late last year that LGNA might even agree to four associations, as long as they pledged loyalty to LGNA's decisions and leadership. Yeah, right!

Belmont NA started the ball rolling a few years ago. Even now, we get whispered phone calls in the night, asking for advice on how to throw off the shackles of Mad Maxine and the LGNA Board. Be patient, we tell them, your time is coming soon.

For the past year, BD has been following via email two big issues right in the middle of LGNALand, both of which they are completely ignoring. The first involves an Upper Greenville restaurant hosting so-called dancing lessons every Thursday evening. The lessons are legal under City Code, but not the loud noise from the live band reaching out and touching neighbors two blocks away. Despite pleas to the DPD, the council rep and LGNA, no one seems to care what the wide-awake neighbors are putting up with. Could it be that a business so popular with many residents is considered untouchable?

Or what about the off-campus SMU fraternity/sorority house just a block off Lower Greeville in a residential area? Lots of out of state plates, lots of snooty parents telling the neighbors to mind their own f-ing business, and lots of beer bottles and trash all over the street. Does anyone see LGNA riding in for the rescue???

One local activist wrote BD  ...

To release numbers in such error, regarding something so potentially life-impacting as crime in a neighborhood where you might consider buying property, is in itself a crime. LGNA and Darren Dattalo are making themselves look more and more like snakes, perpetuating such dishonesty.

Another long-time neighborhood leader said ...

I got very irritated when I read the DMN story. It was just rife with inaccuracies, errors and downright lies. And I didn't know any of the people referenced in the story. I was going to rant against DMN but why bother?

If you live within LGNA and are worried about this kind of behavior, then write to LGNA through their website. If you are lucky, you might even get a reply.

If you need help starting a small revolution within your little section of LGNA, then write to BD.

By Avi S. Adelman under Public safety , Lower Greenville