Arcadia Theatre marquee is rededicated

Despite a torrential rain, there was a great turnout at the MADI Museum for the Arcadia Theatre marquee rededication on Thursday evening.


Thanks to the MADI Museum and Kilgore & Kilgore for sponsoring this event and renovating the marquee back to life. It looks wonderful all lit up on the front wall of the museum.

The CW33 News video is now online, and probably will be there for a few days only - click here and look for the list of videos under the weather map graphic

Belmont NA raised nearly $800 for the Arcadia Fund. Counting the money from the Arcadia sign purchase and the $500 United Tows donation, they have nearly $6,000 in the bank for crimewatch, resident only parking, and neighborhood projects. The final payment for the sign - $2,500 - will be sent to BNA in about two months, per the agreement with Kilgore & Kilgore.

We don't have the complete list of all the raffle prize winners handy (someone else wrote it all down), but we do remember which neighbors won prizes

  • Tom Blackwood from BNA won one, but I can't remember what it was
  • Beth Bentley from VPNA won the Monica's Acca y Alla gift certificate;
  • Stephen Melendi from BNA won two prizes - a large framed color print of the Arcadia before the fire (a last minute donation) and the coaches handbag;
  • Leslie Saladino from BNA won the Zu Bar $50 gift certificate

Ariana Ladd, an eight-year-old student at Stonewall Jackson Elementary, did an excellent job of pulling the switch to turn the Arcadia marquee light back on!

The Daddy Jack's Dinner for 8 Served in Your Home Auction opens April 15th (new date) - details to be posted soon!

By Avi S. Adelman under Neighborhoods , Lower Greenville