DPD confirms: LGNA Crimewatch made it all up

DPD officials confirmed to BD Monday afternoon they did not tell Darren Dattalo, coordinator of the so-called LGNA Crimewatch, that the March 15th rape at Lllano and Greenville was committed by a homeless person or that he was or was not a predator.

BD spoke to DPD officials in Central Division, as have many other residents, about this statement sent to LGNA's very small and controlled Crimewatch list.

Frankly, this was a homeless person who saw an opportunity and grabbed it.

The police don't have any reason to believe this was a predator out looking for someone to rape but they can't rule that out either.

The DPD is now looking into why Darren made up these statements, although they admit there is not much they can do about what he writes in his emails.

A number of area residents have been added to the DPD's monthly crime report email list. BD also gets this report and posts the information - along with nearly five years of incident reports - on the Belmont NA website.

DPD Central will work to create a procedure for quickly notifying neighborhood leaders when major crimes occur. BD's suggested list of major crimes includes rape, murder, home invasions and arson.

The DPD Public Information Office provided BD with this information from the police report

The sexual assault occurred on 3-11-07 at 4:42am in the 2700 block of Greenville in an alley.

The suspect is a black male, 25-30 years old, about 6’ 2”, 200 lbs, flat nose, dark complexion, goatee, short black hair, foul smelling.

He was wearing an oversized black t-shirt, baggy black pants, and black gloves.

Right now, we have no leads on any suspects. The victim said she thought the suspect might be homeless due to the smell.

BD has also learned that the attack took place in the alley on the north side of Llano, near the bank construction site.

The Nat'l Weather Service archives for March 11th show the high temperature for that day was 78 degrees and the low was 61 degrees. Do you really think a homeless person is still the prime suspect???

This is not the first time Darren has used his Crimewatch emails to spin things his own way.

After Belmont NA was denied a table at the National Night Out event last August, he called BD as Mr. Negativity (see LGNA opens dog-hunting season by taking shots at BD) in his monthly email.

Just last month, Darren and other LGNA members were featured in an article in the DMN's Home section which presented lower - false - crime statistics for the Lower Greenville area (see LGNA fudges crimestats - to sell more houses????).

By Avi S. Adelman under Public safety , Lower Greenville