Kunkle: Two Glocks Up for Frats Gone Wild

BD has been working with a digital video camera for just a few months, but every day he learns a new trick or special effect.

Most of all, he understands what YouTube figured out a long time ago - Video is more fun to watch than still images.

Last week's Frats Gone Wild! video, the latest in the Gone Wild! series (Valets Gone Wild!, Bar Owner Gone Wild!) has more than 1,000 YouTube hits as of early Sunday morning. It also generated a ton of comments on the Observer's Unfair Park blog.

But that's nothing compared to getting rave reviews at - drum roll - Dallas City Hall. DPD Chief David Kunkle gave Frats Gone Wild! Two Glocks Up and made it required viewing for the Dallas City Council.

According to BD's sources, Chief Kunkle played the video during a City Council briefing last week. He told the council reps it was a unique and accurate example of what happens on Lower Greenville every weekend.

Kunkle believes that unless you actually walk on Lower Greenville, you will not understand the unusual problems his officers - and the residents - encounter every weekend.

To that, we can only say - Amen!

If any members of the Dallas City Council want a tour of Lower Greenville, email Diana Souza at the BelmontNA - we will bring the popcorn and the pepper spray.

A big shout out to City Council Member Pauline Medrano, who has yet to be seen on Lower Greenville on a weekend evening (despite the fact that the west side of Lower Greenville is in her district).

That's a big contrast to her predecessor, John Loza, who not only walked around the neighborhood but was known to show up unannounced in his own car, driving around and observing the problems without a police escort.

By Avi S. Adelman under Crimewatch , Lower Greenville