Give em an R, give me a P, give me an O...

With the addition and expansion of three Resident Parking Only zones on the east side of Greenville Avenue, the Dallas Police Department and BelmontNA are both working to make sure the message gets out loud and clear.

A new RPO zone will be created on both sides of the 5800 block of Richmond Avenue (Friday and Saturday nights) while the RPO zone on the 5800 block of Prospect (Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights) will be expanded to include the north side of the street. The expansion of the RPO zone on 5700 Richmond to the south side will take place next month.

All these streets were designated as RPO after more than 66% of the residents signed the petitions. The BelmontNA paid for the petition fees, signs and two hangtags for residents who signed the petitions, almost $1,300.

The BelmontNA is paying for RPO with the money raised by the sale of the Arcadia Theatre marquee sign in 2007 for nearly $8,000. Their goal is to RPO all large residential streets between Greenville and Skillman by December 2009.

On Friday night, informational flyers were placed on all vehicles parked on Prospect and Richmond Avenues, warning the drivers about the new parking restrictions. The flyers will be placed on vehicles again on Saturday night and next weekend. The flyer urges drivers to make plans to find new parking places, and to direct their questions about bar and restaurant parking issues to the business owners and managers.

DPD officers passed out similar flyers to all the bars and restaurants, asking them to publicize the new zones to their patrons by posting them in the business and on their websites.

After the signs are installed, warning flyers will be placed on all cars illegally parked on the newly RPO'd streets (tickets will be issued on streets that were RPO'd prior to this week). During the Fourth of July weekend, tickets will be issued to any vehicle illegally parked in an RPO zone anywhere around Lower Greenville.

For the last three weeks of July, the DPD and Parking Enforcement will work together to ticket and tow all illegally parked vehicles. Extra tow trucks will be staged in the area to handle what is expected to be a large number of vehicles.

The tow trucks will be very busy, too. On Friday evening, DPD issued 24 citations for RPO and other parking violations on the east side of Greenville Avenue. Last we checked on Saturday night, the count was 21. This does not include tickets issued for parking violations around Middle Greenville.

The BelmontNA is also publicizing the new RPO zones through the media. BD has already recorded one interview for a local radio station, and is set to do at least two more television news interviews next week.

There are 21 RPO zones in Dallas; 12 are the in Lower Greenville south of Belmont (including one on 5600 Vickery Blvd, behind Terelli's).

At least two more streets in the Middle Greenville area are working on their RPO petitions. The Lower Greenville NA opposes any RPO program within their neighborhood and can be expected to fight dirty at City Hall to keep the new zones from being approved.

Click here for a map of streets with no parking restrictions within walking distance of Lower Greenville bars and restaurants.

For more information about BelmontNA's Resident Parking Only program, click here.

By Avi S. Adelman under Dallas City Council , Code enforcement