It's four-for-four on Lower Greenville

Scratch another Lower Greenville bar off your list of places that you need to visit, get drunk and barf your guts in before you die.

Sources tell BD that 21Hundred Greenville, formerly known as SideBar, and before that as Coconut Grille and before that, well you get the picture, had the doors locked by the property owners this afternoon.

The club was operated by the owners of Shade for the past few months, who took it back from Sidebar's owner after the TABC got involved in trying to figure out who owned what.

Are you taking notes here?

That makes four bars in four weeks to close on Lower Greenville - Lucky's, Stout, Suede were preceded by many others in the past months.

Other sources tell BD that at least two more bars may be closed before the holidays. Details to follow.

Sidebar comment: Ten years ago, a former DMN columnist noted that this website wrote with relish every time a bar closed its doors. With more bars closing now than ever before, BD wants to stress one point - Relish is only good on ballpark hotdogs. The closing of this bar and others is a natural result of the changing urban environment on Lower Greenville. Instead of bars that people drive miles to get to, we now have 20+ restaurants (open or under construction) within walking distance of a great neighborhood.

By Avi S. Adelman under Dallas City Council , Code enforcement