Wortham Texas Police in the house - on Lowest Greenville?

UPDATED 8pm Sunday evening - Wortham PD terminates reserve officer for working on Lowest Greenville without authorization - click here

It's a long-standing rule that Dallas Police Department officers are not allowed to work off-duty on Lowest Greenville, at least not without permission from way up the food chain. It's bad PR for the department to even look like they are protecting the bars, the neighborhood folks don't like seeing our tax money protecting gangbangers, and it causes conflicts when fights get out of hand.

So on occasion, the scumbars will reach out - really out - and drag some officer from a podunk town that never heard of Lowest Greenville and get him to work off-duty for events like St. Patrick's Day. True to form, gangbanger Club 180 reached out about 100 miles to Wortham Texas and grabbed a young punk of an officer to stand outside the club and look all official in is black jacket with the words POLICE in 14-inch letters all over it.

The officer would not tell BD where he comes from and would not show his ID and name (he covered it with his fingers) upon request to BD (a state requirement). He also did want his photograph taken up close (so we shot it from 30 feet).

When the DPD officers - upon BD's request - asked for his identification and certification, all they told BD (as is proper) that the officer claimed he was from Wortham. BD has contacted the WPD and asked for confirmation since the officer is not listed on their department staff photo page.

And his photo is included in this story. We are not sure about the Hispanic sidekick, who also seemed to be some kind of security officer. Maybe he was translating for the gangbangers.

By Avi S. Adelman under Public safety , Lower Greenville