False ecco on Lower Greenville

Last year, Code Enforcement came out and cited three scumbars - Suede, Lush and Ecco - for failure to provide sales records so it could be determined if the were in compliance with the City of Dallas rules defining what is a bar and what is not, based on their sales (aka The 75/25 rule).

The City promptly forgot to follow through with the audits and never even considered revoking Certificates of Occupancy for failing to cough up the records.

But no matter. Ecco is self-destructing as we watch. Trying to figure out if it's a bar or restaurant is the least of their issues right now.

Just a few weeks ago, TABC and DPD raided Ecco, seizing their cash register and just about every penny in the pockets of the owners and staff to settle their way-behind tax debt. Not enough money apparently, as they are still listed as being delinquent by the TABC (link).

For the record, so is Bottle & Brew (which uses street people to deliver liquor in the neighborhood and sells used cars in their parking lot), Nero's Italian, and Pony Keg.

Sources tell BD they are way behind in their rent too. Even though they owed nearly $10,000, they are reported to have paid their landlord $6,000 in green cash and are on a weekly payment schedule. No word if they are current.

BD can only surmise that this false ecco won't be heard on Lower Greenville for much longer.

By Avi S. Adelman under Public safety , Lower Greenville