Dallas City Council Elections

"Thou shall not use my name in vain" also applies to political campaigns

Update 3.3.06 - A number of folks have called BD to tell him that the candidate referenced in this story has sent out another mailer with Mr. Cunningham's endorsement, along with the other bogus names. We are this close to putting his bogus name on here but for the publicity it would generate in his favor.

And on top of that, two other candidates for constable have been using state rep Dan Branch's name in their mailings. Only one has had Branch's endorsement since the beginning of the campaign. The other guy put Branch's name on his website months ago, then pulled it down when he got outed.

Now he has a new mailer with Branch's name - just days before the election. Again, we won't name names (until after the election) but we will drop a hint: The candidate who looks like death-warmed-over does not have the endorsement.

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Can we just sit back and discuss this "strong mayor" thing quietly for a few years?

Now that the latest attempt at changing the Dallas City Charter has gone down in the flames of political ruination, it's nice to know that we won't have to vote on another strong mayor concept until at least 2009.

If you don't that's a long enough time to wait, try looking at from BD's perspective: Puppette #1 will be in her junior year at high school.

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LMP Casey stalks political consultant at City Council party

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And this little piggy squealed into the voicemail...

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