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How the DEA and Rockwall PD worked together to bust Lost Society's Fernando Rosales, or "What the hell were you going to do with seven pounds of meth?"

The mid-October arrest of Fernando Rosales and subsequent raid on the Lost Society bar was not the result of a random traffic stop in Rockwall, Texas, but, according to Rockwall PD documents, the final piece of an ongoing narcotics investigation that was trying to interrupt the delivery of nearly 3 kilograms (more than 6 pounds) of illegal drugs.

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According to the Affidavit for a Search Warrant (below), filed in Dallas County just hours after Fernando Rosales was arrested in Rockwall County, authorities were following Fernando Rosales that morning from Lost Society's back alley to Rockwall because a reliable Drug Enforcement Administration informer told them Fernando Rosales was delivering methamphetamine to a location in Rockwall, Texas. Fernando Rosales was under surveillance from the moment he left Lost Society at 939am on October 11, where he loaded a brown carton into his car, until he was stopped for a traffic violation less than one hour later.

On October 11, 2011, Rockwall Narcotics Detectives, working on information gained from a reliable and corroborated DEA informant, had knowledge of a 3 kilogram methamphetamine delivery to a location in Rockwall, Texas. Rockwall Narcotics Detectives set up surveillance on the Lost Society club located at 2008 Greenville Avenue, Dallas, Texas at 9:39am.

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Locked out at Lost Society, again

Update at 1 p.m. Sunday, October 23 It looks like Lost Society's Fernando Rosales won't be spending Thanksgiving with his family. After his arrest in Rockwall last Tuesday, Rockwall PD came to Dallas County and secured a warrant to search Fernando Rosales' Lost Society club on Lowest Greenville that same afternoon. Sources at Rockwall PD confirmed more narcotics were found, but did not say what or how much. Now it looks like they found a whole lot of drugs. On Friday October 21, an additional charge of possession of >400 grams of a controlled substance (presumed to be methamphetamine) was added to Fernando Rosales' Rockwall County booking page, at the request of Dallas County officials. His bail is now set at $300,000.

Update at 3 p.m. Friday The Rockwall Police Department confirms its officers were the mystery agency that raided Lost Society on Tuesday afternoon. The warrant was signed by a Dallas County judge using information obtained during the inspection of Rosales' vehicle after they arrested him Tuesday morning and found >400g of methamphetamine in his vehicle.

Update at 5 p.m. Thursday: The Rockwall Police Department confirms Rosales was arrested after being stopped for a traffic violation 'just off Interstate 30' at 1039am Tuesday morning. The 400g of methamphetamine was discovered during a search of the vehicle. He was booked into the Rockwall County Jail just before 1pm that same day.

Update at 4:22 p.m. Thursday: There's a reason Lost Society's owner was unavailable for comment: Rosales is being held in the Rockwall County Jail on a charge of possession of a controlled substance. Jail officials tell Unfair Park he allegedly had more than 400 grams of methamphetamine, and is being held on $250,000 bond.

And now we return to the city's enforcement of the Lower Greenville Planned Development District Ordinance, which, as you no doubt recall, went into effect at midnight September 24 and says any venue without a specific use permit and a new certificate of occupancy has to close its doors at midnight or else. So happens that the night the ordinance went live, code enforcement officers and Dallas Police officers, accompanied by Assistant City Attorney Melissa Miles, paid a visit to Lost Society, which had intended to stay open even without the SUP.

Lost Society owner Fernando Rosales, Saturday October 8, getting a citation for operating after midnight without a Specific Use Permit.

Owner Fernando Rosales -- who you may recall from this arresting episode in June 2010 -- met them at the door and showed them a lawsuit he said he'd filed against the city; he insisted he had a temporary injunction allowing him to stay open. Problem was, the case hadn't gone before a judge after all -- and appears never to have even been filed. (As opposed to Yucatan and Service Bar's pending legal action, which goes before a judge Monday.) Which is why, earlier this week, the City Attorney's Office had planned to file suit against Lost Society for violating the ordinance.

Click here for the complete story on Unfair Park / Dallas Observer

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Random acts of random violence

You've heard of random acts of kindness. Out on Lowest Greenville, we have random acts of random violence - Shit just happens with no explanation.

Last evening was a good case in point. According to police reports and BD's conversations with people who were involved or saw the incident, this incident had no spark, no incitement. Just lots of action and running. And we have the pics to show it.

A Hispanic family was leaving Old Crow after a few drinks (and no problems) when they crossed the paths of a group of black males walking on the sidewalk. There might have been a little bit of jostling for space due to the narrow path, but no more. Next thing you know, there's fists and blood flying all over the place. BD was up near the former Ali-Baba space when he shot two photos (the pics below are cropped in tight on the action).

Right after the punches, the black males headed south and around Alta Avenue towards Summit, with DPD officers in hot pursuit. With an assist from the DPD Gang Unit (out on the street for training exercises), they managed to get two guys almost immediately. A third was located by the DPD helicopter. BD's photos were used to confirm the presence of the guy with the red hat, and the guy wearing the blue and white checkered shirt. There's still a hunt on for the guys in the Boca (green) shirt and the black polo, and a guy in a purple shirt not in the photos.

You can see all the pics here or here. If you can identify any of the other thugs, send BD a message, and he will forward it to the proper DPD investigators.

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Honoring 9-11's fallen firefighters

Dallas Fire Rescue honored the fallen firefights of 9-11 with a half-mast flag ceremony at 9am this morning. The officers of Fire Station were on duty when the first call to lower the flag was broadcast this morning. Per the DFR news release -

At 09:00, apparatus will proceed out of the bays and position in front of the apparatus room doors. Officers will assemble all personnel at the station flagpole. At 09:05, the time of the South Tower collapse, the fire dispatch center will activate the station group page and ask for 10 seconds of silence in honor of our fallen brothers. The Channel 1 dispatcher will make a similar notification for apparatus in the field. The station flag will immediately be lowered to half-staff. Members may return to normal duties or remain assembled for any personal short service until 09:23.

At 09:23, members will reassemble at the station flagpole. Then at 09:28, the time of the North Tower collapse, the Alarm Office will again activate the station group page and ask for 10 seconds of silence for our fallen brothers. The channel 1 dispatcher will make a similar notification for all Dallas fire apparatus. At this time, the station flag will immediately be raised to full staff; and fire equipment will be returned to quarters.

By Avi S. Adelman under Public safety , Lower Greenville
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Don't try to stop the cameras when the blood starts flowing

BD has cut back on his wanderings around Lowest Greenville on the weekends. It's not like things are still not hopping, but let's be honest - it's too damn hot out there. That said, a full moon is always a clarion call for idiocy, and Lowest Greenville is no exception.

He was out last night, but by 115pm BD's looking at his watch and thinking, I really really need to call it a night. That's when things went from a low rumble to full-blown mayhem.

The doors at 180 popped open and out comes flying a big guy in a red shirt - flying across the street like a ball in a Bugs Bunny cartoon, landing right in front of the DPD squad car parked on the new street paving. The officers pointed him home, with a warning not to turn around or risk being arrested.

About ten minutes later a girl and her boyfriend exited the same doors, and all you heard was her screams of There's glass in my foot, there's glass in my foot. Funny thing, her shoes were still on and tied really tight at the ankle, and no blood was flowing out. The police helped with their flashlights, but after a few minutes they pointed her towards the parking lots.

Just seconds later a big guy comes walking out, staggers across the street towards the DPD and sits down on the new concrete, blood flowing from a wound in his head.

By Avi S. Adelman under Public safety , Lower Greenville
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