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Happy Snoop Patrick's Day 2013

Update, 1130 Monday morning: After the block party broke at the Lowest Greenville 7-11, none of the staff fessed up to being the manager or caring about the issue.

So, as I am wont to do, I filed a complaint with 7-11 corporate, including this photo. I gave a copy of the complaint to the store manager on Sunday morning. Again, no big deal.

On Monday morning, I spoke to the franchise owner. She was this close to taking my head off with the broom. If you have a problem, talk to corporate. You are not the law here. Yeah, and I already know that.

Then, I got a call from 7-11 corporate.

By Avi S. Adelman under Public safety , Lower Greenville
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St. Patrick's Day 2000 - What really happened??

As we approach BD's favorite Jewish holiday, let's take a moment to remember just how bad it was before the party was put in a cage and parking signs sprouted up like tall weeds on the Friday before the event.

Until a few years ago, Bill Dickerson lived on Euclid Street @ Sears Street, just a few blocks west of Greenville Avenue. The streets around his home were Ground Zero when the battles between residents and drunken bar patrons started back in 1998.

Do you even remember 1998?? Bill does - he was assaulted on his own doorstep by three drunks he caught pissing on the wall of his house. He spent three days in Baylor Hospital, and many neighbors who never met him previously rallied to his side, including BD. This blog started right after that, and it's been crazy ever since.

BD interviewed Dickerson to ask him what happened on March 11, 2000, when the party spun out of control and residents from McCommas Boulevard south to Ross Avenue found themselves held hostage by thousands of drunks whose cars (when they were not pulled over barfing on our lawns) were blocking our streets.

And he answers the most important question of the day - Did Philip Kingston really save Lower Greenville by bringing everyone together in a room and calmly negotiating a new way to issue a party special event permit??

Yeah, like that really happened.

Click here for the complete story, the one Kingston's wife, Melissa (an attorney at Friedman & Feiger) did not want BD to publish back when she sued him last September for allegedly stealing her domain name.

St. Patrick's Day 2000 from Avi Adelman on Vimeo.

By Avi S. Adelman under Public safety , Lower Greenville
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Campaigning for Dummies, Rule #1 - Don't attend political events

(Updated Wednesday, 930am) BD grew up in Philadelphia, where ward politics was an art, nay it was a science. When he tells people "I knew Frank Rizzo", the wise ones shake their heads in deep reverence.

But Dallas, when he moved here in 1980, was a backwoods town. This was when there were at large seats (way before 14-1) and elections are (still) held on Saturdays. You can't even use a large bullhorn on your car to get out the vote on Election Day.

Fast forward 33 years later, and things are still going downhill. We've got Council Districts (fledgling ward politics), a county government, which has nothing to do with the City government and outgoing council reps bless their chosen successors.

But today, we reached a new low. In District 14, the outgoing council person is not only endorsing her successor, but she even speaks for him.

By Avi S. Adelman under Elections , Lower Greenville
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Kingston pulls an 'Angela' and lies about how he saved Lowest Greenville from St. Patrick's Day

Next weekend is BD’s favorite Jewish holiday – St. Patrick’s Day – wherein we celebrate how the rabbis drove the goyim out of the village, seeking revenge for all the czar’s pogroms in the 1800’s.

Okay, it’s a joke, but tell me it does not sound like St. Patrick’s Day on Lowest Greenville. Billions of people from all around the Southwest flock to a space no larger than half a football field and do their best to drive the residents from their homes with cars, vomit and urine.

But, really, do you remember how bad it was before 2000, when there were no controls, no off-duty officers and no event permits required??

BD does, and so do many of his neighbors. It’s apparently such a strong memory that people who were not involved claimed they were here, and then participated in the process that brought this event under control. But more on that later in the story.

By Avi S. Adelman under Elections , Lower Greenville
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Bullies: The Story of a SLAPP Suit Gone Wild

Dallas.org / Allen Gwinn

What is a SLAPP suit? It stands for a Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation. How does it work? It is filed, well, by bullies usually in an attempt to shut someone up on an issue involving the public's interest.

As a wild example, let's use Walmart. Say Walmart was building a supermarket across the street from your house and, as an example, their parking lot lighting was perhaps not up to code. You're a contentious sort of person so you start making noise.

A lot of noise.

Eventually somebody sues you and abuses the legal system to torture and punish you--hoping to shut you up.

Thus the name SLAPP suit.

Because of the popularity of SLAPP suits, many states have adopted anti-SLAPP suit laws. Texas just adopted special legislation, addressing this problem, recently. Coined the Texas Citizens Participation Act it passed with unanimous support from both houses of the Texas Legislature.

Let's translate that: in a rare showing of complete unity, all Republicans and all Democrats supported it and voted to pass it.

But before we tell the story of the lawsuit, we need to introduce the personalities.

Click here for the complete story

By Avi S. Adelman under Neighborhoods , Lower Greenville
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